Free one card reading!

Never tried Tarot before? –  I’d like to offer you a one card reading with my compliments!

Email me a question (janis.tarot@outlook.com) and I’ll draw a guidance card and email you with a mini reading in answer to your question.

The Tarot is a wonderful way of focusing on YOU!

Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Janis and I am an ethical professional intuitive reader, fully endorsed by The Tarot Association of the British Isles.

I absolutely LOVE the Tarot.  I still find it endlessly amazing and mysterious in the best of ways and  I have been reading Tarot professionally for about 10 years.  I  have seen it help so many people find a way forward. I find the Tarot to be full of wisdom and warmth. Its advice is wonderfully impartial and I have found it to work fantastically well alongside personal counselling, NLP and life coaching, all of which I can bring to each session if the situation requires.

At the center  of everything though is the cards, I deliver clear and insightful readings in a warm and sensitive  manner.

The aim of each reading will be give guidance  on how best to proceed in each given situation to gain the utmost benefit.  We will explore the energies around you at this time, what has led up to this point, where they are currently leading you at the moment and what paths will serve you best and what you should prepare for.

Whether our issues are to do with  relationships, career, finances, anxiety or uncertainty about a decision or best the way forward, the first step is understanding that we  can take power and make changes.

We do have the ability to change our lives and our destiny.

Learn to read Tarot!

Attend a one to one six week study course  from beginner level to help you use understand and to go on and use the Tarot as a self help tool.

Tel: 07932 915970 or janis.tarot@outlook.com

Tarot readings are available in Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington, Kingston, Whitton and Hounslow – call for more information.